Permanent city boards are the Board of Adjustment comprised of five members and two alternates and the Planning Board comprised of five members and two alternates. Each board has a chairperson and all members are appointed or reappointed each year.

The Board of Adjustment powers include authorizing variances to the Code of Ordinances and conditional uses upon proper request being filed with the city clerk.

The Planning Board acts in an advisory capacity to the City Commission and holds public hearings on all proposals to change land use regulations of the city and makes recommendations to the City Commission for changes in the existing city land use regulations when such changes are indicated to be in the best interest of the city and its citizens.

The Finance Committee. This Committee shall be empowered and enabled to provide meaningful advice and recommendations to the City regarding finance matters. The Finance Department is directed to provide such information, guidance, and assistance to the Committee as necessary for the Committee to accomplish its duties and consists of five members.


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